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Steamed Black Pepper Drunken Chicken

How long does it take to cook something ? Sometimes the cooking time may take longer than the preparation time, sometimes, its vice. For most Chinese stir fry, the cooking time is relevantly shorter than prep time cause stir fries are usually like a quick toss in the wok with high heat. So far of […]


Steamed fish with Sugarcane

Are you bored with steamed food yet? LOL or are you bored with the food recipes and no cake recipes already ??  But whatever it is, I’ll post up a delicious cheesecake recipe next. Definitely not in the mood of writing a whole few paragraphs so this time I’ll just go straight to the recipe. […]


Steamed Stuffed Layer Beancurd with Century Egg

AAAAnd the cooking adventure continues. Ever since I started cooking at home, I’ve try to not just cook stir-fries, but instead have a variety of stir-fry, steamed, baked, and grilled food. Up till then, I’ve actually not steamed anything before (ok except for cakes, and …. egg, and bread and rice) No joke, cause I […]


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