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Tasmanian Herb Crusted Salmon Filet

I love salmon! But I hardly ever eat it out in restaurants or cafes because of 2 issues. Overcooking and not fresh. Salmon filet / steak are the easiest to cook and I don’t know why restauranteurs can get it wrong so easily. Hence it’s why I prefer to buy and cook them myself. Well […]


Chicken Roulade with Orange Vinaigrette Salad

This month, I’ll be posting some Christmas related recipes, or rather, holiday recipes. Sweet or savoury, main dishes or sides, cookies or drinks.. Some can feed many, some are for smaller families. It won’t be the typical holiday recipes tho, some may have a little twist to it. So do keep an eye and if […]


Steamed Fish Teochew style

I actually wanna post up a video of my dog being absolutely mischievous but I guess the uploading time is taking its toll. So I’ll pop up a picture first. Video is uploaded! PS that’s absolutely NOT me giggling in the video… Some of the rare photos where all 3 of them are in the […]


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