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Sicile ツツリー, Blackberries and pistachio

  Apologies for the lack of posts this month. I’ve been making lots more stuffs compared to the rate I post. I don’t think anyone noticed but I hadn’t put up the cake which I brought over to a CNY pot luck at Sonia’s place. *eeekkk* Well this cake was, obviously, like the title suggest, blackberries […]


Romance 香恋

Ah.. cakes? you bet. I was browsing through iPhoto looking for cakes which I haven’t blogged about. There are quite a lot. I’ve already saved them as backlogs as I knew I woldn’t have much time to bake or cook during the moving period. Indeed, it’s been quite quiet in the kitchen lately. When there […]


Chocolate Boozy Orange Cake

Friend A : Eh why don’t we get a small cake for her ? Me : oh why don’t I make it since I’ll be back early. Make something simple and quick la. Friend A : Ok, I want chocolate banana Me: It’s not your birthday la! but let me think what to make on […]


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