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Cream Cheese Filled Banana Bread

Well I’m pretty sure everyone has their own banana bread recipe up their sleeves. I often regard banana bread as a breakfast or tea time treat, not like a cake cake kinda thing. Whenever I have any brown bananas or those often too ripe, I will make them into banana breads and it won’t last […]

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The Fabulous Baker Brothers in KL

From fluffy loaves to savoury pies, brothers Tom and Henry Herbert show off a new side to baking. With 5 generations of baking tradition behind them, Herbert brothers Tom, a baker, and Henry, a chef who runs the local butcher’s shop next door, take viewers into the heat of the British artisan kitchen and give […]

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Smörgåstårta, a Swedish Sandwich Cake

One look and you’ll get the conversation starting! It’s quite an ice breaker. It gets people thinking, “where are there parsley around the cake?” “huh, hard boiled eggs on top of a cake?” “Is that salmon? what is going on with this cake?” Hang on, don’t runaway on this cake. It’s actually a sandwich but […]


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