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AFF Philippines : Leche Flan

Hi all, Sorry it took me a while to churn out the first AFF Philippines food post since I’m the host for this month. But you know let’s start with something sweet 🙂 Leche flan is the Filipino version of creme caramel. You can say that I don’t make the regular creme caramel often enough. […]

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Earl Grey Crème Brulée

Every so often, I would have these craving for cream. Whipped cream, cream caramel, mousse, creme brulee, and those creamy chocolate puddings. Yeah, of all things, cream. And every so often, I have the itch to bake, but nothing to lavish or over the top. Simplicity is the best (sometimes, well, uh… depends). So I’ve […]


Rhubarb Berry Crumble

Tell me you don’t have this obsession of wanting to buy every pretty book or magazine you see in the bookstore. Every time I step into one, I’m bound to buy a magazine or a book, except for if I forget to bring any money and when I’m in a hurry. Lol. My shelves are […]


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