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Konnichiwa! Well recently I’ve been very hardworking, cooking. It was inspired by a friend whom I was staying with in Sydney when I was there for a holiday. She sort of had her meals planned out for the week and shops once a week. In my old working place, I could access to the grocery […]

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Veggie Spiral Tart

Let’s hit the weekend with a recipe! A veggie spiral tart that is SO easy to make. I had this bookmarked on pinterest while I was looking for some tart inspirations. True enough, pinterest doesn’t disappoint. It linked me to this site and when I was in charged to cook a simple and impromptu Christmas […]

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Ratatouille; how Remy would make it.

I always love a good movie about food. Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, and one of the more recent ones, The 100-foot Journey. These are some of the movies that I don’t mind watching over and over and over again. What more in Ratatouille, the passion for food is ignited by something often regarded as filthy, […]


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