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Dr Hyman’s Whole-Food Protein Smoothie

Hello! I recently stumbled upon Dr Hyman’s 10 Day Detox program; The Blood Sugar Solution and I found it very interesting. It is unlike many ‘diets’ as this one targets specifically on sugar. Well, I’m not diabetic, my blood sugar count is ok, so it brings to the question, then why this program. I ordered […]

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Scotch egg with tomato jam

You must be thinking, what? tomato again? You really can’t argue that sometimes, tomato is like the underrated vegetable which is more likely used as a garnish in a salad, or a soggy little thing in between sandwich. Sure, tomato sauce is like THE thing but how many of you know how much of tomato […]

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Strawberries Stuffed French Toast

It must be some kinda revelation to find strawberries and oozing cream cheese in the pocket of a bread drenched in egg and milk, then simply covered with crunchy cornflakes and almond flakes. Oh wait, did I forget, some maple sauce? heavenly. Now it is perfectly normal to sandwich a bread with peanut butter, then […]

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