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Strawberry Tarts & Chateau Les Arroucats


There are a few simple pleasures in life, for mine in particular, would be eating desserts. I would love to have a picnic every so often with a basket full of roasted tomato sandwich, sausage rolls, berry tarts, cheese and crackers, and a bottle or two of wine (sweet or bubbly). However, the weather (and […]

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Bespoke Buttercream Flower Cakes

pastel vintage buttercream flower cake 2

Hello! These buttercream flower cakes are made perfect for weddings and birthdays for they are fully customizable in terms of colours and type of flowers. They are made from a Italian Meringue buttercream and they taste very light and creamy at the same time. Each flower wreaths are different and unique to its own. Flowers […]


Egg Mayo Sandwich

egg mayo croissant

This is my favourite sandwich (however shape the bread comes in, white or wholemeal bread, or croissant). It’s only better in a croissant because ….. a croissant is bigger and it holds more egg mayo! Don’t you think so ? This recipe, well, I don’t even call it a recipe. It’s just one of those […]

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